Jeff Stone (me) is a 35+ year real estate veteran who said good bye to a cushy, successful real estate manager's job of 26 years to pursue his passions. What are those passions? I love working with over achieving and high achieving agents, I love technology, I wanted to spend half the year at my Beaver Island home 32 miles out in Lake Michigan and more time with my current and first wife of 30+ years --really.

So what does that tell you about me and more importantly why could someone like me help you out? I know real estate inside out to survive over 35 years. To be a manager for 26 years, it means I've dealt with lots of different styles and have helped a fair number of agents use the tools (especially technology) they need to be successful in any kind of market.

The technology part is what makes dealing with me a little unique. I started in the high touch era of real estate and embraced technology after I was sure it was not going away. You'll find I have a way of making your website reflect you as an agent and target your customers. I will explain things to you in a way you will understand --not in geek speak.

OK- What about living out in the middle of Lake Michigan? I can look at things from a different perspective to help you figure out what works best for you.

The same wife for 30+ years and wanting to spend more time with her- what does that mean? I'm patient, flexible, listen to you and know something about sales and getting along with people - we will work together to make the best website possible. Also, she, Sarah, is pretty darn special, really, really patient and will make your site look better than you thought possible.

Not Your Ordinary Resume (and not in chronological order)!

2016 Next Level Solutions celebrated 10 years in business

April 2006 started Next Level Solutions for Real Estate

Led my offices to Coldwell Banker's Premier Office Award 15 times

Second in my class at professional Bartending School

Former Coldwell Banker's Manager of the Year in Chicago

1st month as a manager for Coldwell Banker my office had 0 sales

Number 1 Coldwell Banker office in country in size class- listings sold per person -1989

Fired as bartender, fired from 1st real estate sales job, fired as waiter in college

Demoted from manager of my office of 16 years when Coldwell Banker and Prudential merged in Chicago 2 years later managed the office I was demoted from plus the other office, only 2nd manager in his company to manage 2 offices at the same time

1994 bought my 1st computer

2001 led office to 4th nationally in the Coldwell Banker system in size class

2002 recruited too many people and moved out of the size class-did not get an award

Why the somewhat disjointed resume?

I understand that real estate is filled with ups, downs and changes especially lately in technology. I have been in your shoes and know the pressures you are under. Next Level Solutions for Real Estate is dedicated to making technology and your website a tool that you use to make your business better based on real life experience. If you don't think I understand the business- Read this


Sarah Rohner, My Current Wife and The Graphic Arts Department

Sarah, my wife, applies her artist's eye for design to the look and feel of our websites as well as adding custom graphics and applies her consumer's eye as well to make sure our websites are on target. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology, owned a mail order gift business and managed a large hospital gift shop - a job that included window design, buying, accounting, and managing over 60 volunteers.

Sarah is a former member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and is able to make eye-catching graphics and slideshows.

...By the way, when I signed up with Next Level Solutions, I was looking forward to input from Jeff, but little did I realize that his current wife, Sarah Rohner would also be involved.

Sarah has added an additional, invaluable point of view. Her organizational and creative talents and tremendous wealth of ideas have built my web-site into what I've been repeatedly told is the "best one out there."
Jeff and Sarah are really taking me to the "Next Level"

John Adamson, "Mr. Evanston"