Embed Facebook Posts on Your WordPress Blog

Now it is easy to put your Facebook posts from your business page on WordPress blog.

Here are the steps:
  1. Write Your post like you normally do on Facebook
  2. Once you have posted, hover over the top line of your post you will see a down facing arrow that looks somewhat like a v click on it
  3. From the dropdown list choose Embed Post
  4. Copy the code that appears and paste it into your WordPress post- Make sure you switch to the Text Mode and not Visual when you paste the code

Below is a simple example

To make your post more effective add some text talking about your post using keywords. Facebook on WordPress blogs is now easy!

Real Estate Agent Blog Suggestions- Negative and Positive Headlines

Real Estate Agent Blog Inspiration

This is the the third in a series of suggestions for your real estate agent blog. For my regulars, this is where you now can your regular weekly suggestions. My son, not the standup comedian but the teacher-car guy sent me a thread on a message board he reads for 4×4’s (something to do with […]

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Custom Real Estate Facebook Fan Page Problems

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3 Custom Facebook Fan Page Tips For Real Estate Agents

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