10 Ideas For Your Real Estate Website

I know I should have a web site but now what? How do you start your real estate web site? What works? If this sounds like you, you are not alone. I'm going to give you some quick tips and ideas that many successful sites take advantage of.

Tip 1 Listings are a must. The number one reason for visiting a real estate web site is to see listings. Put Listings and access to listings in prominent places on your site. IDX or Vow sites are a plus.

Tip 2 Make the site about the visitor not you. Most visitors don't care about you in the beginning, they are interested in what is on the site for them. Give them plenty of useful information.

Tip 3 You have to have some original content. Taking a pre-made (template) site and leaving it in its original state will do you no good. The public will quickly catch on that there is no value for them. Write something about your town, schools or your specialties or hobbies-area golf courses, restaurants, history, etc.

Tip 4 Use some graphics. Use graphics to make your site visually appealing but don't over do it have a reason for each graphic, such as community pictures, typical listings, events, landmarks or something to do with a niche.

Tip 5 Show some personality. Try to let your personality show through. Try to appear professional or detail oriented, humorous, community oriented, historian, educator, anything to differentiate yourself.

Tip 6 Try not to be all things to all people. Sites that focus on a niche usually are more successful. If you need to, have a niche site and a general site. A niche site has a better chance in search engines and visitors more likely to connect with you.

Tip 7 Have a method to capture email addresses. Have downloads or reports that visitors will consider valuable enough that they will trade you an email address to get. Area reports and "how to" articles like this draw pretty well.

Tip 8 Have auto responders on your site. Autoreponders are automatic responses to visitors request for information.

Tip 9 Have sales information available. Offer to send comparable/sold information such as find out what your neighbor sold for or post a monthly or quarterly recap of area sales. Visitors are very interested in sale prices.

Tip 10 Visit your competitors sites and real estate websites from other areas for ideas. Don't steal content but you can pick up some great ideas from looking around.

Following these 10 tips will launch you on the road to having a successful real estate web site. Think of your web site as your 24 hour sales partner. Build a relationship with your prospect, give them what they want, let them see your value, that you are different, be responsive and you will start to have success.

Visit my web site NextLevelSolutions.com for ideas and links to some sites that apply these principles.